A Royal [Spring] Cleanse


New Year’s seems like the logical time to set new goals, try something new, or make a change. Health usually is one of the most common focuses of new years resolutions. But let’s be honest, you may have fallen off track by now. Winter weather may be to blame- who wants to make the trek to the gym when it’s snowing? Or maybe Girl Scout cookies were just too tempting- I mean they only sell them once a year! So let’s face it, winter can be a difficult time to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.


In comes spring. Finally the weather is warming up and it’s actually enjoyable to be outside. You can now shed the heavy coats and multitude of layers, and break out the shorts, skirts, and cute tops. With summer and swimsuit season just around the corner, now all of a sudden we have motivation to hit the gym. Spring is the perfect time to detox from our winter indulgences. I like to call it a spring cleanse. Just as you reserve one weekend each spring for “spring cleaning,” setting aside time to do a detox or cleanse can be helpful in getting your body ready for the summer- and all those cute (barely there) clothes!


This January Esencia introduced the new Duke and Duchess Detox program that provides you with the tools, and teaches you how to use them, for a successful healthy lifestyle. Blending Mayan know-how passed down over generations and modern science, the Duke and Duchess Detox offers a totally new approach to the detoxification of the body.


What better excuse to take a mini-vacation to the Riviera Maya, right? You’re investing in your health with this vacation- and a little break from real life may be the mental break you didn’t even know you needed. The 4- and 7-night programs combine nutrition, yoga, personal training workouts, and special spa treatments to help rid your body of toxins, relieve stress, and get your heart pumping. The beauty of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and lush gardens surrounding Esencia Estate provide a luxurious environment to detox and simply relax.


The Duke and Duchess Detox Packages include round-trip transfers to and from the Cancun International Airport, nights of stay, daily breakfast and “detox – Eye opener amenity”, daily spa treatments, and yoga lessons or personal trainer assistance. For an additional $90 dollars a day all three meals designed to accompany this detox program from Esencia’s Sal y Fuego restaurant and non-alcoholic beverages will be included. Full details can be found here.


So while you may think you missed your chance at starting a healthy lifestyle, I say springtime may be a better time to get healthy! If you were looking for an excuse for a vacation… now you have one!